2024 Showcase


 Here are some of the games at Wireframe 2024! 😍



Harvest Havoc

Harvest Havoc offers a rowdy multiplayer PvP party game experience for 2-6 players. Cultivate, harvest, and sell your crops while engaging in bare-knuckle brawls or wielding homegrown weaponry in the mayhem-filled battlegrounds. 🥕🥔🥬




Denari is a narrative action game about a boy with telekinetic powers who must fight to save his people from the invasion of an empire. Denari features airtight hack and slash gameplay that’s equal parts challenging and addicting! 🔥🔥



Children of the Forest: A Bigger World 

Explore the storybook world of watercolour and paper as four tiny siblings leaving the comfort of their forest to go on a rescue mission! Solve puzzles and platform your way through the story in this game inspired by Elsa Beskow's "Children of the Forest" book. 🍃🌰🌼



Bronzebeard's Tavern

Bronzebeard's Tavern is a goofy and playful restaurant manager sim where 1-8 players can work as a team with multiplayer co-op. Fulfill a number of different roles, serve a diverse range of customers and cook up delicious dwarven cuisine. 🍻🍗🍖




JellyMen is a chaotic split-screen party shooter where the goal is to be the last player standing to claim victory. Take advantage of a plethora of weapons to shoot, explode and pummel your enemies while avoiding the environmental hazards and destructible levels! 🍭🍨🎂



Mythos Party

Hack, slash, punch and slap your opponents for the glory of the gods and be rewarded with their divine power! Become a champion in Mythos Party, a free-to-play brawling party game set in a light-hearted mythological universe for up to 8 opponents.




Comet is a light hearted puzzle adventure game coming to the playdate!

When a world changing event happens before your eyes, your brother disappears in the middle of the night…Can you use your lamp to travel across the island you call home, while keeping your fear of the dark at bay?🪔



Same Day Delivery

Embrace the thrill of swift deliveries in Same Day Delivery, where every second counts! Take charge as the ultimate delivery driver, navigating a vast, open-world map with the clock ticking against you. Earn rewards upon successful deliveries, accumulating valuable funds to splurge on whacky upgrades.




Eco-Logical is an automation game with a twist: instruct a team of customizable drones to explore, forage and farm and with a flexible in-game coding language. Your ultimate goal is to clear the smog from this polluted world and restore it to it's natural harmony! 



Ten Thousand Coins: The Golden Merchant

Ten Thousand Coins: The Golden Merchant is a story-rich merchant strategy game where a betrayed and forsaken fox merchant must trade, earn coins, and gather allies while hunted by powerful adversaries to find a way home to her people.



Out of Sight

Sneak, lure, hack, and trap your way to safety as a brave scientist on a space station invaded by aliens. Play solo or team up with a friend in co-op! 👽👽